Faulty speaker sound on the iPhone

Many iPhone users experience sound problems on their device. What could be the faulty part: speaker, microphone, headphones or everything from above. Often the exchange of a particular element helps, but what if the cause does not lie with the part? Then the repair is a bit more complicated, and the blame for the defect is probably in the audio system which is on the motherboard of the device.

Symptoms of the fault:

  • The device starts longer than usual and loops on the apple logo.
  • No possibility to turn on the speakerphone during calls and voice notes.
  • The Person who you are calling can’t hear you or vice versa.
  • Possibility of barking up and unpleasant noises.
  • Overheating of the device.
  • Siri Voice Assistant has problems with commands.
  • The voice note recorder cannot see Audio devices.
  • Delay in the operation of touch.
  • The phone does not detect headphones.

All iPhone models are exposed to this problem, but iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are more likely to brake. The design of these models has been poorly engineered as a result of which during shocks, various types of stresses or a slight fall, the connections between the main board and the mechanism can be broken. In certain cases, the above-mentioned failures do not have to occur all at once. Some sound functions may work. It may happen that even one of the symptoms may suggest damage to the Audio system.

What should be done if such defect occurs on our phone?

Above all, keep calm and make sure you have the problem described. Take the phone to a trusted service to diagnose the fault and make sure you are informed about the risks of repair. Correct diagnosis is important because problems with the Audio system are often confused with other faults. Before you take the phone to a service you should make sure it has experience in solving such type of problem.

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