IPhone Water Resistance

We can talk about water resistance in Apple phones since 2016, when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models came out. They were the first devices to receive an international class of water resistance to liquids and foreign bodies – IP67. This class provides complete protection against dust and up to 30 minutes immersion in water to a depth of 1m. Today, the latest Apple smartphones (iPhone Xs and Xs Max) provide IP68 protection, and it differs in the depth at which we can immerse our device. This value has been determined by the manufacturer and is up to 2m.

In fact, every part of the device is secured in a different ways and just a small misfortune can lead to a water damage. It’s enough that the seal for the SIM tray has already been damaged, during the fall or impact and it has shifted making the phone no longer water resistant.

Even if the device has been designed so that the liquid does not get inside, but has been exposed to contact with it, it should be switched off immediately and in no case be recharged. The best course of action is to bring the device to your nearest trusted service. Time is of the essence to prevent further damages while the liquid is inside the device.

Although the manufacturer introduced IP standards, unfortunately it does not guarantee the waterproofness of iPhones, therefore the warranty repair is not an option. If your hand is burning to throw your phone in water, which we do not recommend, you should stock up with a decent waterproof case. It will reduce the risk of damage caused by moisture.

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