AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro – what are the new wireless headphones?

The successor of popular AirPods finally got the Pro version. Apple has refined the previous model, refreshed the look and added a few improvements. The new wireless headphones are expected to be even better and even more innovative.

Noise cancellation – turn off the environment!

Car horns, loud pedestrians, crowded shopping center? With the new AirPods you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Noise cancellation from the environment works great and is very thorough in removing undesirable frequencies from the outside. Matched to the shape of the ear and selected earplugs can complete the sound to give us an even better experience.

Great sound correction, ultra high quality!

The new AirPods finally allow the listener to adaptive sound correction. This means that external microphones analyze the world around us and adapt the sound quality to it. Headphones also use independent optimization of the volume level, which is known to us from the previous version of AirPods 2.

(Left AirPods Pro, right AirPods 2)

How long does the battery last?

In this case, the “Pro” version is slightly worse than the second generation headphones. On one charge, the latest AirPods can withstand about 4-5 hours. The previous version of these headphones lasted over 5 hours of use.

AirPods Pro – is it worth it?

New, innovative Apple headphones offer many interesting and practical solutions that will definitely improve your comfort and increase pleasure during use. Starting with the individual adjustment of the headphones to our ear and ending with great quality and clear sound. Unfortunately, currently the price that we will pay for this gadget is 1249 PLN and this is very excessive, inadequate to the options presented. However, if you are not afraid of the price and you are convinced by the above-mentioned novelties contained in the new Apple product, then AirPods Pro is just for you.

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