Post-warranty and unauthorized services? What are they and is it worth using them?

Many people wonder about the choice between Apple authorized shop and unauthorized service. Often banners with the slogans
– “Post-warranty iPhone service”, “Post-warranty iPad service” or “Unauthorized MacBook service” are not entirely convincing. In this article we will try to dispel your doubts and answer the most frequently asked questions. Let’s start with what the unauthorized Apple service is really characterized by.

Apple Unauthorized and Authorized Service – Differences

In an unauthorized service, we can provide much faster and often cheaper post-warranty service. If you’ve ever used the official Apple store, you know that the waiting time for the implementation of a service action can reach up to two weeks. Why does it take so long? This is associated with long-term device diagnostics and the shipping process. Unauthorized websites carry out such orders faster. The diagnostic result can be made up to 24 hours after putting the device in, and the whole procedure can usually take only a week or the repair is done immediately. In addition to the time needed to finalize the service, we can see visible differences in the price. In many cases, the amount we have to pay varies significantly. For example – in the authorized service for replacing the iPhone X with a new model we will pay 2500 PLN, while the post-warranty service offers the same service at the price of 1700 PLN. In unauthorized services, replacing the battery, display or individual components is definitely much more beneficial, and we won’t have to worry about high repair costs. A big difference right?


Authorized services often refuse to perform some repairs, which is why we are forced to invest in a replacement for a new device. A water damage MacBook keyboard or a damaged iPhone motherboard will not be eligible for warranty repair. There is no problem with unauthorized service. In such a place you do not have to worry about rejecting your warranty and bearing the large costs associated with replacing the device with new ones. Virtually every fault is subject to repair and the prices are not excessive. Many people also do not know that more and more often unauthorized services have access to genuine, new Apple parts. Most components are from dismantling devices and are used during repairs. In no case are these parts from regeneration or dubious devices. Thanks to this, post-warranty service is able to meet any repair.

Unauthorized services, is it worth it?

If you do not want to wait and pay an exorbitant amount for most post-warranty services then you should definitely choose an unauthorized Apple service. We must not forget that such places also have access to original parts and the best quality replacements. The price list is usually adjusted to the price of the part and the required work input, and the service itself can be performed in a very short time. It is worth emphasizing that in unauthorized servics. We often receive a several-month warranty for the service rendered, which also proves professionalism, taking care of our clients and their equipment. Post-warranty services are nothing but faster, cheaper and more precise places that are worth visiting.

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