What risk do you take with unoriginal accessories and chargers

Apple accessories have never been cheap. A new cable or charger could have caused us considerable expenditure in the least expected moment. At such times, many people reach for a cheaper substitute and do not know what it involves.

Why you shouldn’t use substitutes?

Replacement chargers often referred to as “Chinese fakes” are often the cause of short circuits, damage to the motherboard, and worse battery life. Often, substitutes can also lead to short circuits, and in the worst case they can permanently damage our phone. Of course, buying a “replacement” for several dozen zlotys than the original charger seems to be much more profitable in theory. In practice, it is illusory and can only make our use of iPhone unpleasant.

How is the original different from the replacement?

First of all, the purpose and quality of workmanship. Let’s not forget that Apple is famous for the highest quality products and also informs its users to use only certified, tested by the company accessories. Replacements are often made in hurry, and their functionality may be questionable.

Use only certified accessories

Original or cheap budget replacement?

The prices that we pay for genuine Apple certified accessories are a problem for many users. Cheap replacements for chargers, which can be found in any store or on many websites or auctions, tempt us with an attractive price. However, 99 PLN for a meter Apple cable and another 99 PLN for a USB cube is a practical and, above all, responsible expenditure that will be an investment for a long period.

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