APPLE CARD – the card of the future

What is Apple Card?

The Apple Card is nothing more than a virtual payment card that you directly connect to your Apple Pay account. We use it like any other credit card, but it allows us to top up our current balance. The company also announced the possibility of ordering a physical version of the card. The shape and size will remain unchanged just like any other payment card you use on you’r daily basis. 

What makes Apple Card different from other payment cards?

First of all, Apple assures future users that the Apple Card will be one of the safest payment methods we have ever used. The point is that our card will only be visible on our iPhone and will not be visible on Apple servers. In addition, the physical card will not be made of plastic, but of titanium, and we will not find an individual card number, CVV code, signature or expiry date.
It is worth mentioning the function of organising our expenses. The innovative card from Apple is designed to recognise and sort what we care about, e.g. current expenses (coffee in the city, electricity bill, or shopping in the supermarket).

Where can we apply for the Apple Card and is it worth doing?

Currently, the Apple Card will be available only and exclusively in the United States, but as we all know, the availability of the Apple Pay function is going to be possible in other countries in a short while. Payments with a physical card are going to be available anywhere in the world. In our opinion, an innovative card from Apple is an interesting step into the future. We may wonder if it will be another gadget for Apple fans, or an everyday item that may become as popular as a reliable iPhone over time.

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