How to record screen sound on a iPhone?

Apple offers us the opportunity to record the screen of our iPhone, but did you know that we can also record sound? The IOS interface never ceases to amaze us, even tho we have studded it’s nooks and crannies. The function of capturing images on the iPhone screen with the function of simultaneous voice recording on the built-in microphone device isn’t something out of the ordinary, but pleasantly surprising. Especially if we didn’t know about it’s existence.

How to capture screen recording with sound on your iPhone step by step?

* To get started, go to “Settings” – “Control Centre” – “Customise Tools”.
* In the list of available controls, find “Screen recording” and enable it by clicking the green plus next to it.
* Return to the desktop and open “Control Centre” by swiping down from the upper right corner.
* Press and hold your finger on the screen recording icon.
* Turn on the microphone so that its icon is highlighted in red and start recording.

The recorded video is saved in “Photos” by default. To find it we don’t have to manually open and search for the video. Apple has thought of everything: when you finish recording, you will receive a notification about saving the recording in “Photos”, which will take us directly to the newly recorded movie.

Screen recording with sound – what does it offer?

Thanks to the screen recording function with sound, we can not only show what is happening on the iPhone screen, but also describe it with voice. For this we do not need an external headset, because all voice recordings are made on the built-in microphone. The most important thing is not to cover the microphone with your hand during the recording. Otherwise, the sound may be too quiet or undetectable.

You can record not only your voice, but also the sound of the iPhone. This means we also record screen sound form the iOS, sound in games, video services and other applications. With this feature you can broadcast live or record your gameplay with friends, and then after your individual editing, publish it on YouTube or show it off to your friends. 

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