Apple Music available on Samsung Smart TVs

Apple Music, is a streaming platform on which we will listen to our favorite music, it now has several new features. Apple made its applications and services available on other devices that aren’t from the company in Cupertino CA. The first exception was Apple Music, which appeared on Android, but did not achieve much success. Apple decided to surprise us again by providing applications for Samsung TVs (Smart TV).
How to download and install Apple Music on the TV?

We must have a Samsung Smart TV model released after 2018 and internet connection.
Below we present how to download and install Apple Music step by step:
*Click the button with the home icon on the TV remote control.
*Scroll left to the end of the available applications list and go to the “Applications” tab
*Open the search bar and type “Apple Music” on your keyboard.
*The Apple Music icon will appear in front of you, open it and click “Install”.
*Wait for the installation to finish, then open Apple Music and sign in with your Apple ID.

Is it worth using Apple Music on the TV?

Given the rich music offer, which includes most of the new songs and, more recently, music videos, this is a nice addition. Consider the fact that many modern TVs are equipped with good speakers or have a home theatre system.
It gives us the convenience of listening to our favorite songs or watching music videos through one device, for which we need only the TV remote control.

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