Scan documents using your iPhone

A portable scanner on your iPhone

We often need to scan documents that are important to us, but unfortunately we don’t have a scanner at home. In this situation, we can use the device we have at hand – our iPhone. We don’t have to download any application. Just open “Notes” and choose the appropriate option that will allow us to save any “paper” document.

Below we present how to scan documents step by step using an iPhone:
* Open “Notes” application
* From the bottom bar click on the “Camera” icon.
* Select the “Scan documents” option and take a picture of the document.
* Adjust the frame and click “Leave scan”.
* Ready!

Document editing options

You can edit a scanned and saved document in many ways. We can rotate the image, crop, apply filters (color – for photos black and white – for text). The crated file can be saved in a PDF format for further editing, and be stored on iCloud in iOS devices or in services of other companies, such as Google Drive. First of all, we can print, sign and attach a digital scan of a document in an email or message using the “Share” button.


The built-in scanner has already appeared in iOS 11, but some users still didn’t  use it or did not know about the existence of this feature. Thanks to having a built in scanning option, we will not only save time, but also in a convenient, easy way save a scanned document using our iPhone.

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