Are you using AirPods? We have very good advice for you!

Many AirPods users have a problem with the headphone volume. The problem is not because of the headphones. Very often, the iOS system limits the maximal volume, you only have apply to the instructions below thanks to which using AirPods will become more pleasant!

How to adjust the volume on your AirPods?

A very large proportion of people using Apple headphones do not know if the battery in the iPhone is close to zero then iOS may decide to lower the maximum volume to extend the battery life. However, if the iPhone’s battery is fully charged and we start the Energy Saving Mode remotely, we probably won’t hear any difference in the listening volume.
Sometimes, one AirPods handset started playing quieter than the other. Below, in a few simple steps, we will show you how to fix it:
1. Open “Settings”
2. Go to ‘Availability’
3. Scroll down and select “Sound / Visual”
4. Adjust the sound balance slider
5. Ready!

How to increase the volume in AirPods?

Very often many users are confronted with too low volume on their headphones.The problem is not in the earphones but in the settings. Many of AirPods users are not aware of the fact that in our iPhones there is such a thing as „limit of volume”.  Below we will explain how to change these settings. 
1. Open „settings”
2. Go to „music”
3. Go down and choose „limit of volume”
4. Turn off the function „limit volume EU”
5. Adjust the sound according to your needs.
6. Ready!

How to update your AirPods software?

Below you can find instructions for installing  the latest version of AirPods software in a few simple steps:
1. Place both headphones in the charging case
2. Connect the charging case to the power supply
3. Place the paired device (iPhone or iPad) next to the case
4. Make sure your device is connected to WiFi
5. Wait a few minutes for headphones updates
6. Ready!

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