“Flickering” screen on the iPhone

Sometimes iPhone users complain about the “flickering” screen. The question then arises whether it is a technical problem or a temporary phone malfunction. The iPhone itself can then scroll through the desktops on the home screen or launch applications without our participation.

Where is the source of the problem?

Most often, the display flickers appears after the device is repaired (e.g. replacement of the display, battery). It should be noted that this is often caused by poor quality repairs, more specifically when the repair procedure is not followed. The source of the problem is excessively accumulated electrical charge, which causes the display to flicker.

How to deal with the problem ?

There is a way that we can try to get rid of the frustrating flickering. To do this, we need to follow a few simple steps, which we present below:
1. Open “Settings”
2. Select “Screen and brightness”
3. Reduce “Brightness” to a minimum
4. Check “Never” next to “Automatic Lock”
5. Put the device away and do not use it for 15-30 minutes
6. Ready!

Usually, the screen flicker disappears after about 30 minutes. However, if the problem persists, immediately contact specialists from iRepair15 for accurate diagnosis and professional repair of the device.

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