iPhone 11 became the best selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2020.

According to the research company Omdia, the iPhone 11 created by Apple was the most-sold phone in the first quarter of 2020, even though the world was going through a global pandemic. The sales result is really impressive and it amounts to 20 million pieces. We remind you that the previous quarter belonged to the equally reliable iPhone XR.

The table below presents the most bought phone models in the first quarter of 2020:

We can safely say that the iPhone 11 fared phenomenally against its competitors and left them far behind. For example, Samsung Galaxy A51, which came second, sold around 7 million units. The third and fourth places are Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with the results of 6.6 and 6.1 million units sold.
We can see that Apple has maintained its first place on the podium for two quarters. The iPhone XR, which was popular last quarter, also ranked high in 4th place with almost 5 million units sold. However, when it comes to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, both phones gave a result equal to 8 million devices sold. If both models were treated as one item in the table, they would take second place.

Despite the global pandemic and difficult times, Apple again holds the lead, and their latest flagship iPhone model again proved to be the most bought phone at the beginning of this year. We very much hope that the iPhone 12 will be accepted in the same or even warmer way.

“Flickering” screen on the iPhone

Sometimes iPhone users complain about the “flickering” screen. The question then arises whether it is a technical problem or a temporary phone malfunction. The iPhone itself can then scroll through the desktops on the home screen or launch applications without our participation.

Where is the source of the problem?

Most often, the display flickers appears after the device is repaired (e.g. replacement of the display, battery). It should be noted that this is often caused by poor quality repairs, more specifically when the repair procedure is not followed. The source of the problem is excessively accumulated electrical charge, which causes the display to flicker.

How to deal with the problem ?

There is a way that we can try to get rid of the frustrating flickering. To do this, we need to follow a few simple steps, which we present below:
1. Open “Settings”
2. Select “Screen and brightness”
3. Reduce “Brightness” to a minimum
4. Check “Never” next to “Automatic Lock”
5. Put the device away and do not use it for 15-30 minutes
6. Ready!

Usually, the screen flicker disappears after about 30 minutes. However, if the problem persists, immediately contact specialists from iRepair15 for accurate diagnosis and professional repair of the device.

Are you using AirPods? We have very good advice for you!

Many AirPods users have a problem with the headphone volume. The problem is not because of the headphones. Very often, the iOS system limits the maximal volume, you only have apply to the instructions below thanks to which using AirPods will become more pleasant!

How to adjust the volume on your AirPods?

A very large proportion of people using Apple headphones do not know if the battery in the iPhone is close to zero then iOS may decide to lower the maximum volume to extend the battery life. However, if the iPhone’s battery is fully charged and we start the Energy Saving Mode remotely, we probably won’t hear any difference in the listening volume.
Sometimes, one AirPods handset started playing quieter than the other. Below, in a few simple steps, we will show you how to fix it:
1. Open “Settings”
2. Go to ‘Availability’
3. Scroll down and select “Sound / Visual”
4. Adjust the sound balance slider
5. Ready!

How to increase the volume in AirPods?

Very often many users are confronted with too low volume on their headphones.The problem is not in the earphones but in the settings. Many of AirPods users are not aware of the fact that in our iPhones there is such a thing as „limit of volume”.  Below we will explain how to change these settings. 
1. Open „settings”
2. Go to „music”
3. Go down and choose „limit of volume”
4. Turn off the function „limit volume EU”
5. Adjust the sound according to your needs.
6. Ready!

How to update your AirPods software?

Below you can find instructions for installing  the latest version of AirPods software in a few simple steps:
1. Place both headphones in the charging case
2. Connect the charging case to the power supply
3. Place the paired device (iPhone or iPad) next to the case
4. Make sure your device is connected to WiFi
5. Wait a few minutes for headphones updates
6. Ready!

Scan documents using your iPhone

A portable scanner on your iPhone

We often need to scan documents that are important to us, but unfortunately we don’t have a scanner at home. In this situation, we can use the device we have at hand – our iPhone. We don’t have to download any application. Just open “Notes” and choose the appropriate option that will allow us to save any “paper” document.

Below we present how to scan documents step by step using an iPhone:
* Open “Notes” application
* From the bottom bar click on the “Camera” icon.
* Select the “Scan documents” option and take a picture of the document.
* Adjust the frame and click “Leave scan”.
* Ready!

Document editing options

You can edit a scanned and saved document in many ways. We can rotate the image, crop, apply filters (color – for photos black and white – for text). The crated file can be saved in a PDF format for further editing, and be stored on iCloud in iOS devices or in services of other companies, such as Google Drive. First of all, we can print, sign and attach a digital scan of a document in an email or message using the “Share” button.


The built-in scanner has already appeared in iOS 11, but some users still didn’t  use it or did not know about the existence of this feature. Thanks to having a built in scanning option, we will not only save time, but also in a convenient, easy way save a scanned document using our iPhone.

Apple Music available on Samsung Smart TVs

Apple Music, is a streaming platform on which we will listen to our favorite music, it now has several new features. Apple made its applications and services available on other devices that aren’t from the company in Cupertino CA. The first exception was Apple Music, which appeared on Android, but did not achieve much success. Apple decided to surprise us again by providing applications for Samsung TVs (Smart TV).
How to download and install Apple Music on the TV?

We must have a Samsung Smart TV model released after 2018 and internet connection.
Below we present how to download and install Apple Music step by step:
*Click the button with the home icon on the TV remote control.
*Scroll left to the end of the available applications list and go to the “Applications” tab
*Open the search bar and type “Apple Music” on your keyboard.
*The Apple Music icon will appear in front of you, open it and click “Install”.
*Wait for the installation to finish, then open Apple Music and sign in with your Apple ID.

Is it worth using Apple Music on the TV?

Given the rich music offer, which includes most of the new songs and, more recently, music videos, this is a nice addition. Consider the fact that many modern TVs are equipped with good speakers or have a home theatre system.
It gives us the convenience of listening to our favorite songs or watching music videos through one device, for which we need only the TV remote control.

How to record screen sound on a iPhone?

Apple offers us the opportunity to record the screen of our iPhone, but did you know that we can also record sound? The IOS interface never ceases to amaze us, even tho we have studded it’s nooks and crannies. The function of capturing images on the iPhone screen with the function of simultaneous voice recording on the built-in microphone device isn’t something out of the ordinary, but pleasantly surprising. Especially if we didn’t know about it’s existence.

How to capture screen recording with sound on your iPhone step by step?

* To get started, go to “Settings” – “Control Centre” – “Customise Tools”.
* In the list of available controls, find “Screen recording” and enable it by clicking the green plus next to it.
* Return to the desktop and open “Control Centre” by swiping down from the upper right corner.
* Press and hold your finger on the screen recording icon.
* Turn on the microphone so that its icon is highlighted in red and start recording.

The recorded video is saved in “Photos” by default. To find it we don’t have to manually open and search for the video. Apple has thought of everything: when you finish recording, you will receive a notification about saving the recording in “Photos”, which will take us directly to the newly recorded movie.

Screen recording with sound – what does it offer?

Thanks to the screen recording function with sound, we can not only show what is happening on the iPhone screen, but also describe it with voice. For this we do not need an external headset, because all voice recordings are made on the built-in microphone. The most important thing is not to cover the microphone with your hand during the recording. Otherwise, the sound may be too quiet or undetectable.

You can record not only your voice, but also the sound of the iPhone. This means we also record screen sound form the iOS, sound in games, video services and other applications. With this feature you can broadcast live or record your gameplay with friends, and then after your individual editing, publish it on YouTube or show it off to your friends. 

iCloud – Apple cloud

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a virtual computing disk created for Apple users.
The basic mechanism of Apple’s cloud operation is similar to other drives offered by (Google Drive, Dropbox). 
iCloud allows you to store files, data, photos or music on a virtual disk so that you don’t clutter your device storage.

iCloud – packages and application

The user has 5GB of free iCloud disk space, more space is offered for a fee. We can buy an additional 50GB (3.99 PLN /month), 200GB ( 11.99 PLN /month), 2TB ( 39.99 PLN/month). The Apple Cloud is supported on most manufacturer’s devices: Mac OS X computers, iPads, iPods Touch and iPhones. The iCloud virtual disk offers features that can be helpful when organising work. In addition to the basic application – iCloud automatically synchronises data from all devices connected to a given Apple account via Wi-Fi or with consent – via a mobile connection. It protects us against any loss of data from our device.

Other features

Apple also offers “Find my iPhone” / “Find my MacBook” service, thanks to which in the event of theft or loss of equipment we will be able to track or erase data on the device.

iCloud cloud – is it worth it?

Having an iCloud is certainly one of the best solutions for people who want to have all their data “at hand”. Most owners of Apple devices use a virtual disk, which can be described as a great addition to our device. We don’t have to worry about regular backups and furthermore we don’t have to worry about the capacity of our device since we can always increase the storage.

The new generation of MacBook Air and iPad Pro

Apple introduced the new generation iPad Pro and MacBook Air. These are the first devices that became the company’s novelty in 2020. Both products are to be more efficient and offer a much wider range of possibilities than previous generations. Below we present some of the most important changes that this year’s iPad Pro and MacBook Air can boast of.

What’s new in the MacBook Air 2020?

For the first time in history, Apple has equipped the MacBook Air with a tenth generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and TurboBoost mode up to 3.8 GHz. This gives us up to a double increase in processor power compared to the previous generation. Thanks to the graphics accelerator (graphics card power supply) Intel Iris Plus, the new MacBook Air now provides up to 80% higher graphics performance. As a result, you’ll be able to not only work on it, but also play and even participate in 3D editing and modelling. Surely everyone will find something for themselves. There was aways a lot of critic for the non-working keyboard, which was a problem for many users. Apple has completely changed the previous type of keyboard by introducing the “scissor” version known from the MacBook Pro.

What’s new in the iPad Pro 2020?

iPad Pro, which was very successful in 2018, has its next version. The new generation offers a new wide-angle camera (the same as found in the iPhone 11) and a LiDAR scanner, which we will mainly use when working on augmented reality (a function that uses the camera to scan our entire environment and allows you to add virtual objects and see them on our screen). What’s new inside this year’s iPad Pro? First of all, the RAM memory was increased to 6GB and disk starts from 128GB to 1TB. The ability to connect a keyboard with a trackpad to an iPad has also been restored, which allows us to transform our device into a portable computer.

The new MacBook Air and iPad Pro – is it worth it?

Apple has once again managed to create the most amazing compact computer on the market. After four years, Apple has improved its shortcomings. The new product is definitely recommendable. The price that we will pay for the basic configuration is 4999 PLN. Depending on the components selected, it can reach up to 11,249 PLN. To sum up iPad Pro, the device comes in two versions. The first, which has a screen size of 11 “and the second with a screen 12.9”. The differences between the old and new iPad are negligible. We can see them in a wide-angle camera, LiDAR scanner, work speed and the ability to transform an iPad into a portable computer. Are the changes introduced in this year’s iPad Pro big enough to encourage us to buy it? The amount we will pay for the iPad Pro 11 “starts from 3899 PLN (128GB, Wi-Fi) and reaches 7199 PLN (1TB and mobile data), while the iPad Pro size 12.9” is exactly 1000 PLN more in each version. Adding to this the price of the keyboard (1499 PLN for the 11 “model, 1699 PLN for the 12.9” model), the total cost that we will pay is similar to the latest MacBook Air. Definitely, the new MacBook Air will be a great choice, and we will have to wait a bit longer for the revolutionary iPad.

MacBook cleaning and maintenance

We are aware that in recent weeks you reach for your MacBook more often and therefore they are more exploited, we have more time to watch movies, browse the web, or work form our house. That’s why iRepair15 service has prepared a special offer for cleaning and maintaining your MacBook.

Cleaning and maintenance is a procedure that should be performed at least once a year. Over time, the insides of our MacBook get dusty, which can have a big impact on overheating and computer operation. If your MacBook is too loud then don’t wait and visit our iRepair15 service.


cleaning and maintenance – 99 PLN
cleaning and maintenance with replacement of thermally conductive pastes – 149 PLN

With the launch of this special package, we have also accelerated the implementation of this service. After just 3 hours, you can enjoy the impeccable work of your MacBook.

We would like to remind you that we maintain maximum safety and hygiene measures. Our specialists work in gloves and all devices are thoroughly disinfected. Let’s remember to take care of ourselves, but also about the hygiene of the equipment we use!

Extended repair possibilities in our service

Due to the recent events that take place in our country, we know how important it is to care for our health and hygiene. We have introduced several amenities that will facilitate the repair of you’r device in our service. We keep up to date with information from the country and out of concern for our common good we decided to maximise safety and hygiene.

  • Each device is disinfected before and after the repair.
  • We make sure that our service has as few people as possible at one time.
  • Every day all specialised tools and the entire service is disinfected.

From now on, we offer you the option of mail-order repair. All you have to do is send us your equipment by post and we will take care of it’s repair and after it’s completion we will send it back to you. Thanks to this, you can use our services without leaving your home. If you need urgent help, you can also contact us to arrange a home visit. Our specialists will visit you in Warsaw and fix the device. Please contact us.